Houses in Romania: bricks, concrete and stone


Most of the buildings and houses in Romania are made of red bricks, concrete, steel, glass, aluminum and stone. There are a lot of diversities in residential places, from simpler to very exquisite, from older and in need of maintenance to very modern and to very luxurious etc. A lot of Romanians prefer to live in apartments in multi floor buildings because the living costs are usually lower than the costs of living in a house, also prices for apartments are usually lower than the cost of a house.

Reminiscences of the communist era, gray concrete buildings with no design, can still be seen in Romania, but the Government has recently made a program for beautification of those buildings. In certain rural areas you may also see simpler houses. There are a few areas in which you may see older buildings in need of repair, or even abandoned buildings (but that you can see also in Japan in certain places).

In urban areas of Romania, you mostly can see very modern residential areas, with very modern buildings. At this moment (year 2023) in Romania, the urban areas are a lot more developed than the rural areas, although rural areas go through a program of modernization all across Romania.

Here are a few examples of residential building from Romania.

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