NATO's HICE is in Romania


Romanian secret services closely cooperate with other intelligence agencies such as NATO Intelligence, CIA and European Union intelligence services, and contribute to common successful operations. Romanian Intelligence has earned the trust from its partners through professionalism and efficiency.

Since 2010AD the NATO Human Intelligence Centre of Excellence has been located in Oradea, Romania. Human Intelligence refers to intelligence gathered through means of interpersonal contacts and human sources. Human Intelligence methodologies can be overt, such as in an interview, or covert, such as through surveillance and reconnaissance. Basically, the NATO secret services.

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) is Romania’s main domestic intelligence agency. The SRI collects intelligence through various means, including signals intelligence (SIGINT), open-source intelligence (OSINT), and human intelligence (HUMINT).

Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), focuses on foreign intelligence matters. However, it operates more discreetly and has less public visibility compared to the SRI. The SIE’s primary responsibility is to gather intelligence related to foreign threats, international relations, and other external matters.

Romanian secret services are considered very efficient and well-connected. Through its competent Intelligence agencies, Romania contributes to international security efforts, fostering great cooperation between NATO, the European Union and the USA in regard to Intelligence.

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