Romania has clean tap and natural water


Romania has cleaner tap and natural water than most of the countries in the world. You can drink tap water in any city, town or village in Romania without worrying that you’ll get sick. Not all cities in the country are equal in terms of quality and the taste of the tap water. The quality of tap water is supervised by EU in Romania and meets all European standards like in all European countries. Usually, Romanians don’t like the taste of tap water and like to buy and drink tasty natural mineral bottled water.

There still are some villages in Romania who don’t have access to water on the tap yet and still use old wells that are either scattered throughout the village, or in the backyard of the house. Water from those wells is usually riskier to drink.

Romania has a lot of lakes and rivers with crystal clear water, and many very clear and clean water springs from which natural water is bottled, especially in mountain areas.

The myth of dirty water in Romania has to do with the past communist era, before the year 1989, when many industries were dumping industrial waste into the rivers. Nowadays, it is completely forbidden and criminally charged in Romania to dump waste into rivers or to pollute the waters in any way. European standards of clean water in Romania were reached years ago, and Romania has cleaner water and water sources than most of the countries in the world.

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