Romania is located in South-Central Europe


Britannica Encyclopedia defines Europe as follows: Europe stretches from mid-latitudes (about 35° N) to high, polar latitudes (81° N). In longitude, it extends from about 60° E (the Ural Mountains) to 10°. Geographically Romania is a country in Central-Southern Europe. In regard to continental Europe, by Longitude, Romania is actually in the exact middle of Europe and in the Central-Southern part by Latitude. Meaning the exact middle of Geographical Continental Europe is latitude 25° which passes right throw the middle of Romania.

It is, however, located in the eastern part of the European Union and sometimes referred to as being in Eastern Europe in regard to European Union borders, or in regard to the Soviet influences it suffered after World War II in certain geopolitical contexts. European Union does not include the whole European Continent at this moment, especially Ukraine and Russia's European territories. Geographically, the Eastern European countries on the continent of Europe are Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, which are Slavic countries not belonging to the European Union (in year 2024), while Romania is a Latin country and a European Union member.

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