Romania is a rich country


Globally, Romania is a rich country, not as rich as Sweden or as Germany or UK or France but still rich in comparison with the rest of the countries in the world. According to World Bank in terms of GDP in year 2023 Romania ranks as the 47th economy in the world from 216 countries, just between Finland and the Czech Republic. With Sweden in position 22, and first places belonging to USA, China, Japan, Germany and UK. That means Romania is in the top 50 richest countries in the world.

In year 2023, in Europe, Romania is ranked at position 12 by GDP and at position 7 by Purchasing power parity (PPP). The country's economic growth has been one of the highest in the EU since 2010, it is expected to reach the EU average wealth by 2030.

The minimum monthly gross wage (the minimum level which a person may be paid) assured by law in Romania in the year 2023 is about 665EUR. The average calculated monthly gross salary in Romania in the year 2023 is about 1463EUR. In Romania the monthly salaries of software developers and software engineers can range from 1200EUR (e.g. Juniors with no experience) to 12000EUR (e.g. seniors with 10-15+ years experience) depending on knowledge, experience, seniority level etc.

It is a lot more affordable to live in Romania than in the rest of Europe. For instance, the cost of living in Romania is about half the cost of living in Sweden. You can drink in a restaurant a bear starting from 1Euro-2Euro while in Sweden a beer is about 8-10Euro in a restaurant. Rent is three times cheaper in Romania than in Sweden or even less, but most of Romanians prefer to buy their own houses/apartments and don’t live so much in rented places as west Europeans. Food is more than 50% cheaper in Romania than in Sweden, and so on…

Romania has considerable natural resources for a country of its size and is an oil and gas producer.

Here are a few random examples of economically important people in Romania, cars you often see on the streets in Romania, shopping centers and luxury houses in Romania.

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