Romania is safe and has a very low crime


Romania is very safe and has lower crime rate than most of the countries in Europe. In year 2023, Romania has about 45000 Sworn Police Members, each being a full time professional employed by and under the jurisdiction of the Romanian Government. Romanian Police Forces are trained like military forces in combating crimes and also educated into Special Police Schools in law and keeping order. Article 35(1) allows police officers to use firearms where necessary after a warning: Paragraph 2, however, allows use in cases of legitimate self-defense without warning. There is no fooling around with police in Romania, police is very respected and feared by criminals, sometimes only mentioning that you may call police may make petty criminals panic and run away.

Romanian Police is also trained into using various types of assault weapons and combating terrorism and organized crime. There are many bodies in Romanian Police forces each having their specialty. Almost all Police men in Romania wear bulletproof vests when on duty and are backed up by assault weaponry in case of trouble.

Romanian police has two main bodies, the Gendarmerie/Jandarmeria force of Romania, a more militarized force, tasked with high-risk and specialized law enforcement duties, and the Romanian Police which is a civilian force. Both police bodies have jurisdiction over the civilian population.

Romanian cities have a lot of surveillance cameras with face recognition technologies etc., it takes a few seconds for police to identify a criminal in urban areas and a few minutes to catch them.

Besides the National Police Forces which act on a country wide jurisdiction, there are also Local Police Forces which are employed and paid by the local town halls according to law, up to 1 police men for every 1000 citizens additionally to the National Romanian Police Forces.

Romanian Police is responsible for public order, crime prevention, criminal investigations and the protection of people and property.

Safety comparisons: Paris vs Bucharest -- Rome vs Bucharest -- Stockholm vs Bucharest -- Berlin vs Bucharest -- Moscow vs Bucharest -- Beijing vs Bucharest

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