Romanians are not criminals or beggars


Most of the criminals and beggars presented by the western media as being Romanians are not part of the Romanian ethnic group but belong to certain minorities. Begging on streets for money is a crime comparable to stealing or violence in Romania.

Romanian people don’t usually beg and hate begging for money and beggars. The usual answer of a lot of Romanian people to a beggar asking for money is: “No, get a legal job and earn your money instead of begging!”, but there might be also people who take pity on the beggars. Beggars, criminal gangs and organized crime families in Romania were usually Roma/Romania/Gypsy minority ethnicity people who don’t even identify themselves as being Romanians, although they may have Romanian citizenship. Most of Romanians don't consider Roma/Romania/Gypsy as being Romanians at all since Roma/Romania/Gypsy people originate from South Asia (India) and not from Europe like Romanians. Most Roma/Romania/Gypsy people don’t live in Romania, and Roma/Romania/Gypsy people don’t have a country of their own and are migratory people living in many countries. As a result of the new harsh laws in Romania, in latest years many criminals and beggars left Romania permanently to search for societies with less harsh laws.

Average Romanians are not criminals but intelligent and hardworking people. A lot of Romanians inside and outside the borders of Romania are top intellectuals and are just as Europeans as German, Hungarian, Italian or Swedish or any other kind of European people are, both historically and socially. Romanians are very sociable and usually very happy people who like to party, to joke a lot and to have fun.

Romanian people would probably enrich you with their skills, hardworking nature, intelligence, intellectualism and warmth of the heart.

Here are a few examples of modern Romanian people.

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